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ACAPS COMBI 90 – Permanent Copper / Copper Sulphate Reference Electrode and Coupon


Reference Electrode                    

1.1 Geometry            Compact Permanent Copper/Copper Sulphate Reference  Electrode

1.2 Housing               Porous Terra-cotta 72mm OD x178mm high

1.3 Element               Copper Spiral 3.5mm dia x 1000mm long

1.4 Medium                Copper Sulphate Crystals in saturated copper sulphate gel

1.5 Housing Seal       Primary packing seal and secondary epoxy resin cap

1.6 Accuracy              +/- 10mV over 15 years (<3 micro-amp load)

1.7 Stability                0ºC to 55ºC

1.8 Backfill                 No Backfill


2.1 Geometry                            Single Coupon (equal size)

2.2 Material Type                      Carbon Steel Grade

2.3 Coupon Size                       Exposed standard face 1cm² (other sizes to client specification)

2.4 Coupon Body                      UPVC

2.5 Encapsulation                     Epoxy Resin

2.6 Cable Connection                 Cable lug via M6 threaded bolt

Ancillary Items

1. Reference Electrode Cable Detail

1.1 Type                                      XLPE/PVC

1.2 CSA                                      10mm²

1.3 Length                                   1 M

1.4 Termination                           Sealed into epoxy resin cap

2. Coupon Cable Detail

2.1 Type                                       XLPE/PVC

2.2 CSA                                        2.5mm²

2.3 Length                                    1 M

2.4 Termination                              Cable lug 

3. Combi Housing                            

PVC slotted 90mm OD Geoscreen. Reference electrode seated in gel  saucer. Column filled with moisture retaining compound.

Inspection and Testing

Factory Test

Chemical Analysis & Visual Inspection

Minimum Frequency

Sample per Batch - All units

Acceptance Criteria

Within accepted criteria Pass/Fail

Test Report provided upon request

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