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M28 Concrete C.P. Test Post

Posts have a gross weight of 35 Kg
and can be supplied bare, with brass
terminal studs or c/w standard or
custom face plates. 
Face plates are held in place with 4 No
M6 fixing screws. ACAPS would
recommend the fitting of an aluminium
backing plate behind the standard face
plate for increased strength.
Post can be supplied as single units or
in any quantities as required, but are
conveniently available in pallet loads
of 25. 
ACAPS have stocks of M28’s available
to fulfil your immediate requirements.



The ACAPS M28 concrete  post is the UK
pipeline industry standard for cathodic
protection test posts, drain point
connections and groundbed termination
With a hollow reinforced concrete riser
into an open fronted housing, the M28
has provision for up to 4 No through the
side bolted terminations utilising M10
brass terminal bolts.
The enlarged front opening housing is
sized to be fronted by industry standard
facing plates as used on the M4 field
boundary markers, however this is still of
sufficient size, if required, to fit reed
relay switches (for coupon on/off
switching) or for the installation of the
Abriox style data loggers


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