Anglia Cathodic Protection Services Ltd  -  ACAPS

Custom Made Materials

With our in house manufacturing capability ACAPS are able to assist customers with specific custom configurations for anodes, electrodes etc. and are happy to work on prototype quantities as well as being able to supply large order quantities.

Contact our engineers to discuss any specific requirements.


Materials Supply

ACAPS are able to supply the complete range of Cathodic Protection materials to fulfill your project needs - be it a full project procurement package or a small order requirement for spare parts or remedial works


Technical Services

In house engineering and technical services allow ACAPS to provide a wealth of experience at all levels of Cathodic Protection engineering. We have teams able to provide your requirements, be they office or field based, design, surveying, installation or maintenance. ACAPS engineers regularly work as consulting specialists , installation supervisors and commissioning engineers. Our technicians are involved in installation works, surveying and maintenance.

Anglia Cathodic Protection Services (ACAPS). The East Anglia based Cathodic Protection Company to serve your materials supply and Engineering Services needs locally, within the UK and worldwide.


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